2018 House Goals

Did everyone have a good New Year’s Eve?  I fell asleep on the couch.  With guests hanging out in the same room.* I have no guilt though because Welsey went to sleep around9:30 so I expected him to wake up around 5:30/6, regardless of what time I ultimately went to bed.

I never bother making New Year’s Resolutions since it’s a rare person who can actually stay that focused.  Now, I am a rare person, but focus is not my strong suit. That being said, I thought I’d try and outline our house goals for the year.  These are all things we’re hoping to tackle in 2018, but if we don’t check them all off the list we won’t be beating ourselves up.

Contractor Work

  • Get a back patio poured/back walkway evened out
  • Unfuck the upstairs electrical**
  • Add gutters***

DIY & Design Work

  • Overhaul the butler pantry
  • Paint and decorate Master Bedroom
  • Re-organize the study to fit a guest bed
  • Make a dent on the landscaping
  • Childproof All The Things because this kid will be moving before we know it.
  • Paint and decorate the downstairs Micro Bath (if I’m feeling ambitious)

It sounds pretty doable to me, but we’ve never really worked with a kid underfoot before so we’ll see how it goes. We might not finish it all and we might switch gears somewhere along the way, but I really like starting out with some sense of a plan.

Anyone else making goals for the New Year?


*It’s some kind of miracle we had anyone show up.  It was negative-my-car-won’t-start degrees, people were sick, and Matt may have accidentally told someone to not bother coming. We had a good time though.

**This is most concise way to put it.  We need to get our upstairs hall light on a 3-way switch, get an open neutral outlet fixed, add an ceiling electrical box in the study, and get our upstairs wiring split up so it’s not all on 2 breakers.

***Yes, currently our house does not have gutters.  It’s not hugely problematic, so we’re just adding partial gutters to the couple problem areas.  We’ve currently already given our down payment to a gutter company but haven’t heard anything from them regarding a start date.  We knew there was a decent chance it wasn’t going to get done this fall, but we’re a little pissed about the lack of communication.

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