Christmas Roundup: Metallic + Mod

I’m not usually a glitter and sparkles kind of girl, but the winter holidays  have started to bring out my blingier side big time. Maybe because it’s the upper Midwest so all is gray, frigid, and depressing for a solid 5 months, sometime longer.  Sparkles are kind of like sunshine, right?

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten


You might have noticed it’s a little Target heavy…that’s mostly because Target’s Christmas decor selection this year is ah-maz-ing! I could have put half their frickin store on this list! I tried to mix in some other sparkly finds so I wasn’t completely playing favorites (especially since I don’t actually have any affiliation with these companies).  That tree topper from Michaels may be making my wishlish… I just don’t know if trust our cats not to break it… There are also tons of places to find awesome shiny ornaments like IKEA, CB2, more CB2, Overstock, Wayfair, or if you’re plagued with curious kitties (or dogs, or kids) the dollar store is usually a giant glitter bomb.

I’m also kind of in love with white trees at the moment.  Not flocked trees so much, but the solid white ones.  I’m a scrooge who actually hates real trees (they shed, you have to remember to water them, they’re pokey, and you have to light them… ugh).  Give me a pre-lit fake tree any day!  I love the white ones because they’re not trying to pretend to be real, they’re just trying to be glamorous (and often winning at it).

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