Friday Favs: Inviting Entryways

Even if I haven’t shown it, I’ve had entryways on the brain lately.  As you’ve seen I have a (very) basic concept lined up for our entry, but I feel like it could use a little more oompf.



Via Modern Jane

If you search for entry inspiration on Pinterest you’ll find a lot of board-and-baton treatments and lots of cubbies.  There’s nothing wrong with these by any means (they do have the big 3 necessities for entries: storage, seating, shelving) but they’re not for everyone.  I do love this simple little black and white corner though.

Via Luxe

While this one may be lacking in storage, it makes up for that with impact.  If you have a nice, big, blank wall a large scale art piece is a great way to add some major drama.

Via Manhattan Next

If you have a narrow space, you can still fit in plenty of storage.  I can’t imagine not having a place by the door to dump keys and mail.

Via A Beautiful Mess

This wonderfully cheerful entryway makes me want to wallpaper mine!  The combo of the wallpaper, painted door, and light fixture coordinate for just perfectly for creating drama without overwhelming the senses.

Via The Fox & She

That door makes me drool a little.  Amazing doors are right up there with staircases on my swoon-list. But moving on.  All the other pics I’ve shown are nicely walled in, but you shouldn’t be afraid to float furniture.  Here a console table doubles as a sofa table which leaves the space feeling open but giving some useful storage.

Via Simply Grove

If it were me, I’d stick a small table in here for my daily mail dump, but if you can handle more minimalism, go you!  I still love the contrast happening here–white walls and black stairs, traditional architecture and mod furnishings.


More storage, seating, and shelving!  I love that drawer unit bench though… like I may straight-up copy this look in our mudroom.

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