Happy Halloween!

As a follow up to my #lazygirl fall/Halloween decor round-up I thought I’d share how I decked out our house for Saturday’s party.


I cut zombie hands out of black poster board and taped them to the porch windows.  Then I tacked up some “creepy cloth” I picked up from dollar store (I had another idea in mind for it at first so didn’t buy enough for the porch so it looks a little wussy… next year I’ll pick up a bunch of cheesecloth instead) and topped it with some Halloween lights I got on sale at Joann’s.

  • Poster board: 50 cents
  • Cloth: $1
  • Lights: $6

Total: $7.50



I didn’t do much in the entryway.  I was sooo tempted to try the floating candle ceiling, but I opted for sanity this year.  Instead I found that awesome skull candle holder on clearance at Michaels since it was “broken.” I added an LED tealight (love these instead of open flames).

  • Skull candle holder: $3.50
  • Tealight: $1

Total: $4.50



I put more effort in the bar because booze.  I topped it with a leaf garland (Micheals) and a battery powered string of wire globe lights (Target).  For a festive Halloween flair I painted  laser cut craft wood pieces from Michaels and hung them from the top shelf.

  • Leaf garland: $3
  • Lights: $3
  • Halloween cutouts: $1.50

Total: $7.50



And of course, the food spread. It’s lacking in food in the picture because the cats would go after anything unguarded so we had to wait until the very last second to put anything out. Schmutz still managed to make off with a tortilla chip and Spencer pilfered a turkey-cheese pinwheel that some of our guests brought.  The tablecloth I picked up wasn’t labeled and ended up being round instead of rectangular.  Oops. The pumpkin bucket was from target and cage-like candle holders were more Michaels clearance (they’ve got all their fall stuff at 70% BEFORE Halloween).

halloween5The bookcases flanking the table got a general fall treatment that will get left up through Thanksgiving. The gourds were from Target and moss vase filler were all from the dollar store.  The garlands were more Michaels clearance.  I already the vases and branches.

  • Tablecloth: $3
  • Cage candle holders: $6
  • Pumpkin bucket: $3
  • Gourds: $4
  • Leaf garlands: $6
  • Candles: $4
  • Glass candle holders: $4
  • Craft moss: $1

Total: $31

That’s it.  The entire house got a festive air for right around $50 and the majority of the decor is reusable for next year.

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