Kitchen Remodel Week 5

The cabinet guy was back on Monday to hang the last upper cabinet and do some finishing work.  The crown molding, toe-kick, and glass panels also got added.

The crown molding really polishes things off nicely! If you look closely you can tell our ceiling is uneven, but that’s just par for the course in this house.

We got another break on Tuesday and Wednesday. The every-day work is slowing down just a bit because of the wait on the inspector. Pretty much all the “big” stuff can’t happen until the plumbing inspector gives the OK.

Which happened on Thursday! Huzzah! Now we can start putting everything back together!

The holes in the kitchen wall and ceiling got patched and mudded.

Since the bathroom was a little more complicated, just the framing went up on Thursday. It’s hard to tell from the angle of the picture, but there has to be a bump-out behind the toilet to fit the larger pipe.

We also had the door/drawer hardware installed on Thursday.

I love the shape of everything, but I’m tempted to take a little Rub-N-Buff to the cup pulls to lighten them just a bit.

Then the drywall got put up and mudded on Friday.


Unfortunately we also found out that our countertops won’t be in until the 11th. Whomp whomp.

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