So this just happened….

I have the day off today (yay bank holidays!) and was catching up on laundry. Spencer followed me into the basement since the cats aren’t really let down there too often.  I shooed him back out with me when I went upstairs and closed the door.  A little while later I heard a small crash and wondered what the hell the little furballs had gotten into now.  I made a cursory inspection but didn’t see anything amiss except that Schmutz was no longer sleeping on the bed.  Whatever, she probably just got freaked by the noise, right?


I go back to the kitchen to make tea and hear a weird scratching noise.  Ugh.  Stupid cat apparently snuck into the basement and I closed her in.  I open the door to find both Schmutz and a dead mouse on the top step.  I don’t handle surprises well and screamed like a sissy (despite the fact that I actually don’t really mind mice, I just don’t really want wild ones living in my house) and slammed the door as soon as Schmutz was out.

Poor baby, she was really proud of herself since she’s never caught anything other than bugs before and I reacted rather badly.  She’s now pitching a fit since the door is still closed with her trophy on the other side since I need to find something to dispose of it with.


Updated: I went to go dispose of the mouse and discovered that it had very clearly been dead long before Schmutz got to it. Oh well, she’ll still probably prove herself as a mouser sometime in the future.

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