State of the Bathroom Address

You know how I was all gung-ho about the bathroom makeover a few weeks ago?  You might be wondering what all I’ve accomplished.

Absolutely nothing.


Well, ok, I painted the radiator and we replaced the vanity light (with a new crooked vanity light that will need to be re-positioned ), but other than that, absolutely nothing… and given how long ago I started this it does really feel like nothing.

Yup, that’s right.  I caught the plague or mono or malaria or something* and it lingered forever. Even after I thought I was better it came back with a vengeance and I had to take another sick day from work.  I was utterly exhausted constantly and one of my co-workers tried to convince me I might be pregnant (spoiler alert: I’m not). So yeah, I was barely getting off the couch much less tackling the bathroom.  Then the first weekend I was back to normal we skipped town to visit family (and attend a friend’s baby shower. A comic book themed baby shower with no stupid games.  This is why we’re friends).

Once I finally felt alive again we started working on reinforcing our windows (they’re triple paned so super heavy and awesomely sound-proof, but the upper sash is only supported by some plastic pieces which have started to give way) and getting the porch painted before it’s too cold

Now we have a giant hole we need to patch around the new light (thanks for nothing previous homeowners) and THEN we’ll probably actually started painting.


*I actually still have no clue what I had except that it wasn’t strep.  After over a week of a killer sore throat and general malaise I was really hoping it would be so antibiotics would actually make it all better.  No such luck, I just had some sort of wait-it-out viral awfulness.

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