Weekend Report

Random thought of the week: Ugly Sweater days are dangerous because someone will inevitably  forget which day it is and remark on someone’s awesomely atrocious top… only to find out that no, Ugly Sweater Day is tomorrow.  Oops.*

  • Cookies baked: 7654
  • Gifts wrapped: 13
  • Christmas shopping completed: 100%**
  • Shelves painted: 3
  • Shelves installed: 5
  • Holiday parties attended: 1
  • Dishes washed: 657420
  • Naps taken: 1***
  • Rooms frantically cleaned: 2****



*No, this didn’t happen to me, but it was close call.

**A full week before Christmas even. I win at adulting this year.

***It was glorious. Never mind that I meant to do something productive with that time, it all go done eventually.

****If  we tackle a room a day we should be in pretty good shape… Thankfully we’re not actually hosting Christmas, but we are having the in-laws here for a few days after and our house currently looks like it was ransacked by schizophrenic elves.

Weekend Report

My mom and step-dad came up this weekend to drop off a snowblower and spend some less chaotic holiday time together.

  • Cookies baked: approximately 4378 dozen
  • Cookies decorated*: All 4378 dozen
  • Christmas shopped completed: 85%
  • Bathroom knobs replaced: 2
  • Bathroom shelves fitted: 3**
  • Presents wrapped: 11
  • Cats who don’t understand personal space: 2***



*After the parents left I had people over for more cookie baking/decorating.  Less of a cookie party and more of a “I have baking to get done, you have baking to get done? Come over and we’ll get shit done together.  With wine.” sort of deal.

**Just have to paint and screw into place!

***Schmutz especially does not really understand people with cat allergies who don’t want her all up in their face.  She thinks they just need more snuggles to make them happier.

Weekend Report

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

  • Hours stuck going into work: 3.5
  • Feet of lights hung: 36
  • Christmas trees decorated: 1
  • Feet of edging painted: 20
  • Shelves hung: 1*
  • Hardware store trips: 1
  • Craft store trips: 1
  • Christmas presents purchased: 1
  • Messiah concerts avoided: 1**
  • SPCO concerts attended: 1***
  • Hanukkah meltdowns witnessed: 1****


*While writing this I just realized I managed to hang it upside down.  It’s a floating shelf where you mount a support bracket to the first and I very carefully made sure I had the guide arrow pointing down. Doh!

**Matt plays viola in a community orchestra and while I try to go to every concert, I put my foot down at the Messiah.  I went 2 years in a row and decided I REALLY do not like it. Actually, the majority of Christmas music makes me twitchy after too long.

***Their violin section is incredibly dramatic; this time I was mildly concerned there was going to be a horrible collision between the Concert Master, Associate Concert Master, and the next person down that line of chairs.  Matt also got to have a fan boy moment since a group of them took the table when we out for dessert after the concert.

****Don’t ever get me started on the “war on Christmas.”  Row after row of Christmas decor at Target and one teenie-tiny end-cap of Hanukkah decor.  Little boy was near tears because he couldn’t find a dreidel and Mom was getting a little flustered since no one was apparently selling gelt (chocolate coins).

Weekend Report

Oof-dah this weekend was a trip.  Off went our water, out came our vanity, and in went a new vanity, sink, and faucet.

  • Hardware store trips: 7
  • Paint store trips: 2
  • Hours spent without water to the entire house: 3*
  • Days without being able to use our upstairs bath: 2
  • Pipes cut: 2
  • Feet of PVC replaced: 2
  • Compression fittings bought: 4
  • Compression fittings used: 2
  • Holes cut in bottom of brand new cabinet: 3




*This was better than expected, but somehow I didn’t think about things like flushing the toilet, or washing the paint off of me.  Consequently Matt informed me if I had to use the bathroom I could use the one at the hardware store and pick up new compression fittings while I was there.  Also we went to dinner at friend’s house, she saw dark splotches all down my arm and asked what the heck happened to me.  Paint.  Paint happened to me.

Weekend Report

This was the weekend o’ bathroom painting.

  • Coats of white paint: 2
  • Coats of blue paint: 1
  • Smudges left on the shower curtain: 1
  • Painty foot prints on the bathroom floor: 2*
  • Times hit in the head with a roll of paper towels: 1**
  • Hardware store trips: 1
  • Christmas decorations purchased: not enough


Starting to look pretty good, huh? It still needs another coat of blue and the trim could probably use another coat too.


*I caught them while still wet so they cleaned up nicely

**I asked Matt to get me more paper towels so I could clean up the aforementioned painty foot prints and he just threw the roll at me while I wasn’t looking.


Long Weekend Progress Report

We had Monday and Tuesday as vacation days so Matt and I used our long weekend to Get Shit Done.

Day 1

  • Replaced micro-bath light
  • Replaced micro-bath light switch
  • Replaced mudroom light
  • Replace mudroom light switches
  • Replaced burnt out GU10 bulb in the kitchen (annoyingly difficult)
  • Took down Halloween decorations
  • Scraped off loose paint in bathroom closet
  • Patched holes in bathroom closet
  • Broke my upholstery hammer 🙁

Day 2

  •  Primed (most of) the bathroom
  • Replace dining room light switches
  • Replaced entry light switch

 Day 3

  • Trip to DMV
  • Trip to hardware store
  • Finished priming bathroom

Day 4

  • Eye Exam
  • Craft store run
  • Replaced bathroom ceiling light and added fan*
  • Replaced treads on basement stairs**
  • Insulated porch windows
  • Got splitting headache and took a nap

In other news, I also created a dedicated Flat-Pack & Vintage Facebook site instead of piggy-backing off my jewelry site.  If you want little mini updates and rambling or sneak-peak photos that aren’t quite classy enough for Instagram, that’s your place.



 * Hired out.  It’s also very annoying to find someone to install a bathroom fan when one does not already exist.

**Also hired out. Matt had dreams of completely ripping down the stairs and rebuilding them himself.  I squashed that idea because I’m a jerk and it turned out we only really needed to redo the treads..



Weekend Report

Is the end of Daylight Savings Time messing with anyone else?  It’s 8:00 and I’m already in my pjs and vegged out in front of the TV.  Around 7 I was convinced it was nearly 9 and lost all motivation.

  • Bags of leaves removed: 9
  • Bags of leaves remaining: 5
  • Sawdust kicked up in the bathroom:  A good cubic foot*
  • Swear words used to describe the idiots who inflicted unspeakable horrors on our bathroom: Eleventy-billion
  • Hours spent agonizing over light fixtures: 3
  • Boxed unpacked in my study: 6 (!!!)
  • Concerts attended: 1**
  • Photos organized: 319***

Nothing interesting to photograph this weekend (bathroom updated coming soon!) so have a photo of Prague.  Because Prague.


*I’ve been attacking the window trim.  There’s a chunk that needed to be patched and another two chunks that needed to be sanded down completely to removed glue, yes glue, residue.

**SPCO who rallied amazingly after their violin soloist got injured and they had to redo 2/3’s of the program at the last minute.  This included a guest conductor who conducted Beethoven’s 7th from memory with no score in front of him.

***I’m about 1/2 way through getting our Europe photos organized into a book, but I’ve uploaded so many (since I upload them all and then edit so I can see what fits well where)I think I’m about to crash Shutterfly any second now…


Weekend Report

I’ve gone into Halloween Party Mode lately.  We’re having people over next weekend since Halloween is my Favorite Holiday Ever (costumes, candy, pumpkin carving… what’s not to love?).  Matt’s still been in productive mode adding attic supports and insulation.

  • Hardware store trips: 1
  • Rolls of insulation crammed into a compact hatchback: 5
  • Craft store trips: 1
  • Pounds of Holiday crap bought: 5*
  • Party menus planned: 1
  • Grocery trips: 2
  • Costumes sewn: 2
  • Felt hearts cut: 24
  • Feet of lights strung: 24
  • Faucets replaced: 1
  • Swear words while replacing said faucet: lost count**
  • Girly(ish) mirrors added to bathroom: 1
  • Cats pissed we’re not leaving the door to the porch open: 2


This is literally 1/2 of the downstairs micro-bath (with new mirror and faucet!).  You can sit on the toilet and wash your hands at the same time.  It’s still really nice having a second bathroom.

*Just an estimate.  Joann had Halloween stuff at 70% off so I stocked up on candy corn colored lights, LED tea lights, table cloths, foliage, and plates. The only problem was that the tablecloth I bought wasn’t actually labeled and ended up being round instead of rectangular.  Oops.  I’m just going to make it work though. And we stocked up on Halloween candy since we have no clue how many kids we’ll get trick-or-treating

**We replaced the faucet in the micro-bath and there’s barely no space between the sink and the toilet so it’s really awkward to access anything under the sink.. It was also the first replacing a faucet with a drain stopper too.

Weekend Report

We had family in town this weekend so productively dropped a little bit.

  • Family members visiting: 2
  • Food brought by family members: tons*
  • Custom furniture pieces acquired: 2**
  • Vacation pictures shown: 75***
  • Bags of leaves raked: 11****
  • Hardware store trips: 1
  • Mums replaced: 1
  • Plants potted: 4

We also shifted around all the crap we have in our basement to prepare for some glass block work we’re having done this week (replacing the rotting basement windows with glass block).



*My mom was apparently cooking all last week and brought it all with her.  Chicken cacciatore, pulled pork, banana bread, granola… I’m afraid she doesn’t believe we eat.  We also have leftovers for about a month.

*I had a furniture design class my senior year in college which was ah-maz-ing.  My mom’s been storing assorted crap in the garage until we had space for it… which we do now!

***This was the edited version, I really took over 1500 pictures and eventually need to finished the photobook I was working on.

****When we were buying leaf bags Matt was convinced we’d only use about 3…. nope.  Our yard is small but deceptively leafy. Luckily there’s a compost site about 5 minutes away from us so disposal is easy (and free!), although we can only fit about 4-5 bags in either of our cars at a time.


Weekend Report

We skipped town this weekend to go to the wedding of one of my college friends.  We drove south along the Mississippi and got to take in some lovely fall color. Matt also discovered that he had met the sister of the bride before since one of his college friends married her sister in law.  Life is weird.

  • Weddings attended: 1
  • Overindulgence: Lots*
  • Sore feet: 2*
  • Miles driven: 297
  • Borders crossed: 4***
  • Pockets of road construction: 3
  • Dead mums: 1
  • Angry cats pretending to be starving: 2
  • Concerts attended: 1
  • Things accomplished on the house: 0


*Open bar, cake, archaeology-themed candy bar, giant pile of oreos arranged into another tiered cake… it’s a miracle I didn’t explode.

**Both mine. I have some phenomenally cute T-strap vintagey shoes, but they’re not good shoes for standing/walking/dancing in.

***If you head south along the Mississippi you cross into WI, then back into MN, then back into WI again.