Weekend Report

My mom and step-dad came up this weekend to drop off a snowblower and spend some less chaotic holiday time together.

  • Cookies baked: approximately 4378 dozen
  • Cookies decorated*: All 4378 dozen
  • Christmas shopped completed: 85%
  • Bathroom knobs replaced: 2
  • Bathroom shelves fitted: 3**
  • Presents wrapped: 11
  • Cats who don’t understand personal space: 2***



*After the parents left I had people over for more cookie baking/decorating.  Less of a cookie party and more of a “I have baking to get done, you have baking to get done? Come over and we’ll get shit done together.  With wine.” sort of deal.

**Just have to paint and screw into place!

***Schmutz especially does not really understand people with cat allergies who don’t want her all up in their face.  She thinks they just need more snuggles to make them happier.

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