Weekend Report

Random thought of the week: Ugly Sweater days are dangerous because someone will inevitably  forget which day it is and remark on someone’s awesomely atrocious top… only to find out that no, Ugly Sweater Day is tomorrow.  Oops.*

  • Cookies baked: 7654
  • Gifts wrapped: 13
  • Christmas shopping completed: 100%**
  • Shelves painted: 3
  • Shelves installed: 5
  • Holiday parties attended: 1
  • Dishes washed: 657420
  • Naps taken: 1***
  • Rooms frantically cleaned: 2****



*No, this didn’t happen to me, but it was close call.

**A full week before Christmas even. I win at adulting this year.

***It was glorious. Never mind that I meant to do something productive with that time, it all go done eventually.

****If  we tackle a room a day we should be in pretty good shape… Thankfully we’re not actually hosting Christmas, but we are having the in-laws here for a few days after and our house currently looks like it was ransacked by schizophrenic elves.

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