Weekend Report

Now it’s time to fix all the stuff we destroyed last weekend.

  • Trips to the hardware store: 3
  • Cats trying to defy gravity: 1*
  • Square feet of plaster removed: 1.25
  • Holes patched: 4
  • Switches replaced: 1
  • Pounds of Halloween decorations Matt wouldn’t let me buy: 100
  • Marathons getting between me and IKEA: 1**
  • Automated phone services that made me completely lose my shit: 1***
  • Light fixtures straightened: 1
  • Knee-wall supports added to the attic: 1
  • Yards of fabric purchased: 19


Any guesses on what I’m going to be for Halloween? It’s going to be SPECTACULAR!


*Schmutz jumped up on the railing around our upstairs landing, lost her balance, and fell onto the first stair landing. She immediately bounced up, inflated, and bolted away (partly out of fear from the fall and partly out of fear from Matt yelling SCHMUTZ! as her saw her topple over the edge). Then we had to chase her down to making sure she didn’t seemed damaged.  Luckily cats are pretty bouncy so she seems shaken up but otherwise ok.

**We pretty much couldn’t head south on Sunday thanks to the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon that was running down Summit Ave.  Luckily it cleared up by 3 so Matt could still make it to his favorite bar for the Packer Game.

***Why do all ISPs suck? Our current one kept screwing with us so we decided to switch back to the other crappy option here (since if they both really suck, why not opt for faster speeds?) and the idiots canceled our service a week too early.  On the weekend.  When they have no customer service hours. Luckily we were still able to connect to the other ISP’s hotspots before they do our install.


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