I’m a 30-something resident of lovely (albeit chilly) St Paul, MN. I’m a banker by day, web designer and jewelry designer by night, and chair hoarder by weekend.  I have an awesome husband, who’s remarkably tolerant of my flaky artist side, and two goofball cats (Stupid Boy and Moody Girl) who never fail to keep us amused.

Hubs and I just bought our first home, a 115 year old American Foursquare that needs some TLC, and this our story.  Besides the banking, web design, and jewelry design, I also have a background in Interior Design (no, I’m not really an over-achiever, I just apparently don’t know what do with my life) so I’m psyched to dive into the world of home ownership, power tools, and paint. Full disclosure: I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I figure I can make shit up as I go since that’s just basically life anyway.