Weekend Organizing: Finding Your Style

Last week I shared the video that really kick-started my de-cluttering spree. As I went further down the YouTube rabbit hole I learned more and more about different ways to de-clutter and organize. Wait, different strategies work better for different people? Crazy!

After finding But First Coffee and The Minimal Mom, I came across Clutterbug. One thing she does that is amazingly helpful it to help people figure out their organizing style. There’s even a quiz you can take–just answer it based on what you do not what you wish you would do.

I found out I’m a Butterfly–visual, macro organizer. Now while I don’t 100% agree with clear bins for me, open bins really hit home. Anytime I have closed bins I’ll just pile stuff around them to put away “some time.” Yes, I apparently don’t have the motivation to open a lid when cleaning but you know what? That’s ok! But I always bought closed bins because I though that was the “right” way to do it.

And of course, you’re not necessarily going to fall entirely into one of her four categories. Visual, macro organization will probably work well for me most of the time, but like I said, I’m not a fan of clear bins, and certain categories of things I will definitely micro-organize. It’s about defining how you function so you can create an organizational system that will work for you!

Ok, so now you have an idea of how you should organize your stuff… but there’s still a lot to organize. At some point you’re just going to need to get rid of stuff,* but how much?

Dana K. White teams up a lot with The Minimal Mom and Clutterbug so she popped up in my feed too. Something she discusses is how to find your Clutter Threshold. The idea is that different people can handle amounts of stuff without it being overwhelming. You don’t need to be a minimalist, but you do need to figure out what you can manage without feeling overwhelmed.

Or as the Minimal Mom describes it: you need to be able to manage your inventory.

Clutterbug also has different strategies for de-cluttering because, just like organizing, there’s no one way to do it.

*Unless you’re already really on top of things…in which case this post is probably pretty useless, but GO YOU!

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