Nerd Alert: The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

Damn…Netflix makes some really good series. The main reason I’ve been keeping it around after getting Amazon Prime is for Stranger Things. But I’m also a sucker for the 72 Dangerous Animals series. Now I’m also keeping it around for The Umbrella Academy.

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To be fair, The Umbrella Academy isn’t 100% original Netflix–it’s based off a comic book.  A comic book I really want to read now.

Me: I’m watching The Umbrella Academy and really getting sucked in. I want to read the comic it’s based off of now too.

Matt: Is it sort of like X-Men?

Me: Sort of… it’s like a jacked-up, highly dysfunctional X-Men

It’s fairly predictable if you’ve seen/read a lot of this sort of thing, but it’s still very good. The soundtrack is also awesome, in a bizarre sort of way.  Like a fight scene to They Might be Giants: Istanbul (Not Constantinople). I think it has a similar musical feel to Kill Bill (which was the first movie I saw where I was really wowed by the soundtrack).

The actors are awesome, especially the guy who plays Five.  I assumed he was an older (and by “older” I still mean fairly young, like 20’s) actor who just looked very young. Nope, dude’s 15 and just wildly talented.

So basically, if you like shows/movies based off of comic books, or generally like Sci-Fi/Fantasy, I definitely recommend it.

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