Slice of Life: Yuppie Kid Division

Matt and I are fairly convinced that we are raising our son slightly differently than a lot of parents.  He doesn’t like Cheerios, but will demand Kashi.*  If he sees someone drinking sparkling water he’ll get pissed if he only has regular water. One time at the grocery store he ran up to me with a strange spikey fruit yelling “kiwano!”.  I think the other people around us thought he was making up words (he wasn’t).  Just now Matt asked him what he wanted for a snack, his answer? “Strawberry kefir!”**

I frackin love this kid.

Other amusing things Wesley has said:

Wesley has blueberry mochi!

Orange mango sparkly water empty.

Buy Pocky!


*I’m not entirely sure where this came from since neither Matt nor I particularly like Kashi. I think we were just trying other low-sugar cereals when he refused cheerios.

**Ok people, how do you pronounce kefir.  Is it keh-feer or kee-fer? I always said “keh-feer” until every youtube video (including one from the Mayo Clinic) called it “kee-fer.” But then Lexico says it’s “keh-feer.”

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