Not Dead Yet!

A while back we pillaged a bunch of plants from our friends and their neighbor.  And by “pillaged” I mean “took all the shit they were digging up and getting rid of anyway.”  We got a bunch of ferns (with some bonus Bishop’s Weed that you may either love or hate*), some hydrangeas, a clump of purple violets, and something that was pretty but I have no clue what it is.  We even held off painting that day so we could add them to our garden right away.

Things immediately started to look really sad after they were transplanted.  According to my dad ferns (and lilies) tend to look awful right after they’re transplanted but should bounce back in a few months or at least by the next year.  “Awful” is one thing, but mine looked straight-up dead.


Whomp whomp.  Epic gardening fail, right?

Not quite!

All but a few of the ferns are starting to make a comeback.  See the cute little fiddle-head?  All but one of the dead patches are now showing signs of life!


Our yard also got a little pummeled by a nasty storm the other week.  We only lost a few, already dead, branches from our trees which is better than a good chunk of our neighborhood, but our plants also got a little flattened.


My mini container garden is still going strong though!  We’ve got around 6 baby tomatoes!  The basil I planted isn’t dead yet either!  In fact, it’s still going strong which for me is some kind of miracle!



And more and more things are coming into bloom!


Now that I’m seeing what’s-what, I’m starting to formulate a plan.  I want to try and keep as many of the existing plants as I can (plants ain’t cheap!) but move them around so they look a slightly more landscaped than hodge-podge.  I’ll admit though, my absolute favorite garden feel is the slightly-overgrown look, our current setup just needs a little organization first.


*I’m actually all for a fast-growing ground cover that may take over my entire yard, so I deliberately kept it.




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