Weekend Report

Another busy weekend:

  • Hardware stores visited: 3
  • Light fixtures removed: 2
  • Light fixtures replaced: 2
  • Light fixtures that will need to be re-positioned: 1
  • Wires wrangled: 9*
  • Holes put into the ceiling (intentionally): 1
  • Hole put into the ceiling (unintentionally): 0
  • Outlets/Switches replaced: 3
  • Excursions into the attic: 5
  • Days without power to most of the upstairs: 2
  • Boxes of light fixtures destined for garbage: 3
  • Boxes of light fixtures that someone may actually want: 1
  • Bandaids used: 7**
  • Electrical fires started: 0
  • Bake Sale goods eaten by cats: 1***



* 4 hots, 5 neutrals… I have no idea what’s happening in this house

**Mostly because Matt got a bunch of blisters from excessive screwdriver use (and then kept replacing them as they loosened from more excessive screwdriver use), and one because I managed to impale my index finger with a screwdriver and then started hysterically announcing to Matt that I wasn’t going to the hospital (I don’t handle needles well), thankfully it wasn’t actually that bad and a bandaid seemed to be a sufficient fix.

***It was a cheddar jalapeno biscuit I picked up for Matt since my department does a big bake sale fundraiser every year.  We left it out on the table when we went to dinner and came to find one of the cats (most likely Spencer) had chewed through the baggie it was in and devoured it, jalapenos and all. This is the cat that loves Indian food and once was the reason I had to call the vet to ask if pine nuts are toxic to cats since he ate about a tablespoon+ after we left a dish on the counter while cooking and didn’t think they need to be guarded. Schmutz on the other hand tends to eat carpet fuzzies near dinner time to prove that she’s about to starve to death.

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