Weekend Report

Oof-dah this weekend was a trip.  Off went our water, out came our vanity, and in went a new vanity, sink, and faucet.

  • Hardware store trips: 7
  • Paint store trips: 2
  • Hours spent without water to the entire house: 3*
  • Days without being able to use our upstairs bath: 2
  • Pipes cut: 2
  • Feet of PVC replaced: 2
  • Compression fittings bought: 4
  • Compression fittings used: 2
  • Holes cut in bottom of brand new cabinet: 3




*This was better than expected, but somehow I didn’t think about things like flushing the toilet, or washing the paint off of me.  Consequently Matt informed me if I had to use the bathroom I could use the one at the hardware store and pick up new compression fittings while I was there.  Also we went to dinner at friend’s house, she saw dark splotches all down my arm and asked what the heck happened to me.  Paint.  Paint happened to me.

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